Driving Under the Influence

Anytime someone gets pulled over by a police officer, their heart rate increases and anxiety level sky-rockets.  This tension is multiplied if the officer suspects someone of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Most of the people we represent in DUI cases have never been in trouble before.  There are countless myths about DUI laws and what the officer can and cannot do.  We answer those questions and bring an easiness to our clients during our first meeting.  Our skilled DUI Defense Attorneys help people that have had one of the worst experiences of their lives.  When your case is taken over by our attorneys, a sense of relief will take over the anxiety caused by your criminal charges. 

Jimmy Turner and Kris Oliver have been trained by a former DUI Officer and Drug Recognition Expert.  This training allows them to investigate a DUI case on the same level as a police officer, in accordance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Guidelines and Training Manuals.

You probably have many questions about what penalties you may face, how your driver's license can be affected or what impact this charge will have on your future.  We know the answers.  Our clients are kept informed about the entire criminal justice process.  Remember, a DUI charge does not always mean a DUI conviction

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